Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Throwback Pix. Lots of laughs :P

Looking at how far I've come.. and grown. And How much I was a LOSERRRRRRR

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Month of Glory.

So school has been pretty steady. I mean, I can't really complain about it right now. But things have been going really well with Schwasted. I'm just really afraid about the pace right now.. I don't want to plateau. We need to keep the ball rolling so it can get bigger and bigger.

Eric has already completed a song, "FTA." Which is a solid song for his first project. I've started messing with Reason but I'm such a girl (aka computer-TARDED) so getting over this learning curve feels like it's going to take forever to get through.

Slave to the Rave, which was on the last weekend of January, went pretty well. It wasn't a big rave and we had scored the last set from 2-3 on the 2nd stage. I wasn't so excited when we got there because there weren't many people left. I don't know when the fuck people started ending raves at 3!! Dude I remember when we would literally party until the sun came up and hit afterparties as soon as we left. Mehhh.

Cupids Revenge... Last weekened. It. Was. So. SICK.
Daniel and I truly believe this was our breakthrough performance. I kinda wished instead of promoters coming to us and saying that they would consider putting us on the line up for their next upcoming party.... they would fucking GIVE US DATES. :( So it'd be fa sho. Idk what it is but at this party we got the FIRST SLOT. hahahah so now that we've played both First and Last we absolutely MUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT get some better and better set times in the future.

We'll be headlining March 5th @ Ravers fantasy. Retards catagorized us as hardstyle / hard trance. *le sigh* but it's kinda awesome that we are playing above guys that I'm resident DJs with at Afterlife. It makes me smile ;] I just hope that us surfing on the wake of the waves we've created will take us up high.

Dreams come true.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A big update.

Break is about to come to an end, and I apologize for neglecting the updates.

So hmm, let me think and reflect about break: I believe the first few days of break were the last days of me working at my old job in Chandler at Cobblestone Auto Spa. (I haven't felt the withdrawals of being a broke ass and not having the commitment with a job... yet.) My decision was a well thought one because not only do I want to focus on school more and keep my scholarship, I want to be able to put my 110% into the Schwasted project. Daniel and I want to keep each other motivated and just focus. And so far we are on the road to success.

But anyway, Christmas night, a few friends and I ventured out to Vegas (my home town) to visit my mom and a few old friends. Trust me... there were crazy ass fucking nights and memories I will never forget from the trip back home. We stayed out there until the 29th, and came back just in time for me to get prettied up and play at a weekly called "The Pound" at the Devils Hideaway here in Tempe. It's a great gig to obtain, seeing as you get exposure. Lots of fellow DJs and promoters are patrons and it's always a good time there. The night after was my gig at Cabarave, which took place at the Babydolls Cabaret somewhere near central Phoenix. First time playing at a strip club. So it was interesting to say the least haha. Literally, the morning after, my friend Ryan and I booked it out of town to hit LA, where we fulfilled our plan to attend Together as One (VIP TICKETS baby ;] ) If you're wondering how awesome that event was, you can just look up the line up and vidios on google or somewhere and be jealous that you weren't there. We hit up a few clubs in Hollywood... one being Club Avalon where we saw Bob Sinclair and Joachim Guarrad with a few other buddies.

I think it was the night when we went to that particular club where I studied both amazing DJs where inspiration immediately hit me. That stage. Schwasted. A huge crowd. It's going to happen.

When the next day rolled around I called Daniel Gauss with some ideas for more promo work (i.e: Schwasted stickers, T-shirts, etc.) and went on this entire tangent where I felt I was ready to take on the challenge of learning how to produce music. Literally, we knew the only way we will get up there with the big boys is to make our own tracks... I mean, you can only go so far with just being a "deeejayyyy."

Soooo.. that is where we are at now (both tackling producing), but Daniel showed me a track he's been working on and I have an enormous amount of confidence built up where I know he can get that done and we will have a debut track out in no time. Currently, we are working on relaunching the Schwasted website (new layout and everything).

I am very excited about the website, but last week we got our new business cards out ANDDDDDD SCHWASTED STICKERS! Most definitely a giddy school girl about that one. Tuesday, when school starts, Daniel and I will be invading the ASU Tempe campus with them. On a mission, buddy. Ohhhh yeah.

Oh and on Thursday, we played our gig at the LA Fitness (as mentioned in the previous entries) and now we are asked to play twice a month. It's a big ego boost seeing that everyone enjoys our music and really look forward to our return. Daniel says that in a way, we can build some connects and extend our network in this different environment... seeing that it's located in Scottsdale and all... and that particular location caters to such a broad spectrum of people, WHO KNOWS what the future will bring. A guy wanted to pay for our demo, which I thought was cute and flattering, but you know - Schwasted isn't there yet. ;]

Hmmm and the radio show has been alright. We need to work more on getting more listeners but for sure it's something we've got to bring solidarity to our striving name and it most definitely is THE "THING" OF MY THURSDAYS♥.

Well, that's all I have to say for nowwwww... so until I feel inclined to write, this is good night =]

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I love what I do! :D

So last week was pretty awesome:
(Besides the fact that school's officially over and it's been party hardy.)

Tuesday was our first monthly at an L.A Fitness in Scottsdale. Intimidated by the good looks of the customers as well as the staff, Daniel and I set up and gave it all we got... to only get nothing but "You guys are the best DJs I've had." WOOHOO! I did a little dance inside, I'll admit. And in return for playing once a month at this location, we get a free membership. I actually went to this location yesterday to work out and knowing that I received and earned this privilege by doing something I absolutely love made every second of my workout worthwhile. It felt great and was rewarding. Once I get my car back I'll be working on getting back in shape in no time! :D

Thursday's are officially in tact with our brand new radio show on
It was our first showing, and Daniel and I were quite nervous. It is an overwhelming thought knowing that we had listeners from Miami and all over the country tuning in. Daniel says this is something that could really benefit us and I think that was an understatement. I was so stoked when I saw us streaming live video with our "SCHWASTED" logo appearing every 5 minutes on the screen. It really brought a natural high.

Friday was my personal weekly up in Scottsdale at Club Afterlife. I'm not going to mention any names but I'm really sick of promoters who can't tell good DJs from bad. And another thing that really grinds my gears are shitty DJs who need to have their big ass heads deflated. Seriously. I could go on a tangent with that for-fricken-ever. But on a lighter note, my set went pretty damn well. I'm always a sucker for the club scene anyway and when I get in that DJ booth and see how excited people are it just... brings forth this feeling that no love, no guy, no other passion can overwhelm me with. It's just amazing. On another note, I talked with one of my promoters about the whole deal with this "production crew," upcoming parties, and the other DJs I share the stage with.. and it is also refreshing to see that I am one of his favorites and that he intends to keep me around for a while.

5 Days 'till Christmas then off to see my loved ones in Las Vegas! :P (hometown)
But it doesn't stop there.. it's also time to do some promotional work in the City that Never Sleeps.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last night as I looked across the dance floor, I held myself in paranoia.
Was his face going to show?

[edited out espacio.]

Once my mind wanders upon tangents such as this... I shut myself up with alcohol and/or let the music consume me.

As for something that drives the very core of my existence, things are going pretty well. I am just waiting for the moment where Schwasted's demo falls into the hands of someone of high importance. And that someone (whoever they may be) will be so enticed with what they hear they will be seeking to see us. Live.

In process:
Cream lounge
Axis Radius

Happening soon:
L.A. Fitness
Radio Show.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last night was a rainy day.

But I thought it was appropriate to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My 5th Online Blog. -_-

I am battling a hang over as I type this. Every weekend has been eventful this semester and I truly believe it's because I've become some sort of an alcoholic and have become super tuned into my ambitions to being a well-known DJ.

So last night ... was too crazy. I had never partied in a mansion before so things started getting interesting the minute I stepped out of the vehicle. I'm not going to get into the (inappropriate) details but the bartenders kept giving me drinks and people started getting more and more attractive. All in all, last night wasn't normal and I wouldn't have done half the shit I did if I were sober.

As of this month gig-wise... Schwasted (Daniel Gauss and I) get to play at an LA Fitness up in Scottsdale for a Customer's Appreciation thing, I get to represent us on the 29th, and I play at Cabarave on the 30th. Gotta start focusing on January.

ANYWAY, I've gotta battle two more days of class and a week of "studying" for exams. This needs to end ASAP so I party guilt free. So stoked to visit Vegas and see my Mommy, grandparents, and friends... and go to TOGETHER AS ONE in L.A. Fuck yes!